Next generation Materials and Solid State Devices for Ultra High Temperature Energy Storage and Conversion


Consortium description

AMADEUS project involves 7 partners from 6 different European countries. Among these partners we count with 3 universities (UPM, USTUTT and NTNU), 3 R&D centres (CERTH, CNR and FRI) and 1 SME (IONVAC). Concerning "high temperature heat storage" block, FRI and NTNU will bring the background on fundamental research on metallurgy and metal casting, in particular in the field of high temperature interaction between solid/liquid materials. Both NTNU and FRI will collaborate to evaluate the interaction of molten Si-B based alloys with several different lining compositions for the containment vessel. USTUTT and CERTH are the experts on thermal insulation and CFD/FEM simulation, respectively. They will complement the material-research level of FRI and NTNU, developing heat transfer models to design advance thermal insulation systems (USTUTT) and vessel geometrical configurations that minimize the mechanical stress in the container due to freezing expansion of PCMs (CERTH). Concerning the "high temperature energy conversion" block, we will investigate two main kinds of solid-state conversion processes: thermophotovoltaics (TPV) and thermionics (TI), both of them able to operate at temperatures of 2000ºC or above. CNR will manufacture the thermionic emitter and collector in a close collaboration with IONVAC to manufacture the micro-spacers that are needed in TI devices for suppressing the space charge issues. UPM, as Coordinator, has experience in both TPV cell fabrication and casting solidification. Thus, it will bring the gap between the two blocks. UPM will closely collaborate with CNR and IONVAC, to develop a new kind of hybrid thermionic-photovoltaic (TIPV) converter, that has been recently proposed theoretically by UPM and still requires a proof of concept experiment. UPM will be coordinator of the final proof of concept experiment that will combine the heat storage and energy conversion blocks to develop a compact device for ultra-dense energy storage and conversion.

Grant Agreement: 737054, Call: H2020 - FET Open, Budget: 3.270.496,25 €,  Period: 01/01/2017-31/12/2019

Partners: UPM (Spain) - coordinator, CERTH (Greece), FRI (Poland), NTNU (Norway), CNR (Italy), USTUTT (Germany), Ionvac Process Srl. (Italy)