Next generation Materials and Solid State Devices for Ultra High Temperature Energy Storage and Conversion

UPM - Technical University of Madrid (UPM) - Coordinator


Primary Contact Point for EC: Prof. Antonio MARTÍ: amarti (at)


Scientific coordinator: Dr. Alejandro DATAS: a.datas (at)


Project manager: Dr. Ana B. CRISTOBAL: anabel.cristobal (at)



CERTH - Centre for Research & Technology, Hellas


Dr. Nikolaos NIKOLOPOULOS: n.nikolopoulos (at)



FRI - Foundry Research Institute


Prof. Natalia SOBCZAK:  natalia.sobczak (at)



NTNU - Norwegian University of Science and Technology


Prof. Merete TANGSTAD:  merete.tangstad (at)



CNR - National Research Council of Italy


Dr. Daniele M. TRUCCHI: daniele.trucchi (at)



USTUTT - University of Stuttgart


Prof. Dominik BESTENLEHNER: bestenlehner (at)



IONVAC - Ionvac Process Srl.


Dr. Gianfranco SABBATELLA: info (at)


Grant Agreement: 737054, Call: H2020 - FET Open, Budget: 3.270.496,25 €,  Period: 01/01/2017-31/12/2019

Partners: UPM (Spain) - coordinator, CERTH (Greece), FRI (Poland), NTNU (Norway), CNR (Italy), USTUTT (Germany), Ionvac Process Srl. (Italy)